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In a world parallel  to our own, there lies the country of Alius. Magic and creatures beyond one's imagination thrive here, making the land wild and untamed. To help the people, exceptional people with extraordinary gifts have created guilds.

One of the greatest of these guilds... is Cherry Heart.

Take control of a group within the guild of Cherry Heart, and travel across the land of Alius in search of adventure. Meet wacky characters, and fight epic battles! Join Cherry Heart for an epic adventure!

Known issues

Beyond a few spelling errors, there is also a bug after level one. When you beat the boss and return to town, talking to the guard under the weapon shop will lead you to an unescapeable area. This has been fixed, but we can not upload until after the Jam.

Install instructions

Step 1: Download

Step 2: Use 7-Zip or a similar program to unzip files.

Step 3: Play game.


Adventures of Cherry Heart.7z 404 MB


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This has been fixed, but we can not upload until after the Jam.   When? 

Enjoyed it so far.

Ah, sorry for taking so long. We DO have a fixed version which can upload if demand is high enough, however, we are working on an updated one, which will hopefully be up in two months or so.